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Calculation of thick wall of valve
Posted on:2017-06-15

The valve is a pressure pipe element, the valve body and the valve cover withstand the medium pressure in the pipeline, therefore, the valve design must meet the relevant standards requirements, and then use the strength theory of grating method to verify. The calculation method of the wall thickness of the valve body is related to its shape, the body of different types, different shapes, a body shape often consists of several components, even if it is of the same shape and size are not the same, such as the low pressure valve body, both ends of the channel is circular, and the cavity is oval, medium pressure valve and the high pressure valve, although both ends of the channel and cavity are circular, but not the same as the diameter of the circle. Ordinarily, calculate a valve body according to the shape and size of the parts separately, but the actual application does not require this calculation, because separate computing is more complex, and in a body, usually do not take several different wall thickness. Also need to pay attention to: the valve wall thickness of the grate, in addition to consider strength, should also consider the stiffness, or the same will appear because of force deformation and damage phenomenon.
For this kind of cylindrical valve body, it is usually calculated by the thin wall or thick wall vessel, that is to say, when the ratio of the outer diameter to the inner diameter is less than 1.2, the grate is calculated according to the thickness of the thin wall grate, larger than 1.2. In fact, low-pressure and medium pressure valves generally use thin-walled formula, while steel high-pressure valves sometimes use thick walls for grate.
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