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What are the advantages of a valve with an electric device
Posted on:2017-06-15

Valve electric device by means of electrical (motor, electromagnet) driving device to manipulate the use of electric device to drive the valve has the following advantages: 1 can greatly reduce the opening and closing of the valve can greatly reduce the time; energy consumption; the valve can be installed in no manual operation, high degree of difficulty of any occasion near or far distance; it is conducive to automatic operation of the device, and can reduce the operating personnel; and are usually equipped with overload protection device, can ensure the normal operation of the valve.
The valve electric device controlled by electric motor with electric motor driving device, generally includes the following parts: motor, reducer, mechanical device, super torque limit switch and the necessary electrical components, it can achieve the following actions: press the button to open or close the valve; when reached the limit position of opening and closing time, due to travel the action of the switch, power supply can be automatically cut off the motor to stop rotating; when the driving torque exceeds the specified value, due to mechanical super torque device operation can automatically cut off the power supply, the motor stops rotating; and when the electric machine malfunction or interruption of power supply, it can be converted to a handwheel manual operation; electrical and other agencies and units. The driving device of chain, when the relevant parts of the automatic system (relay, photoelectric tube, end point switch and other movements, motor) Capable of automatically stopping, reversing, or reversing.
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