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Characteristics of thin walled stainless steel tubes
Posted on:2017-06-15

5 the selection principle of water supply pipe: safety and reliability, economy, health, energy saving, sustainable development, it is also a few big features of green material, only to meet these principles of pipes is really good material.
Strength comparison
The most common stainless steels used in the water industry are 304 and 316 stainless steels, which meet most of the water treatment and transportation conditions.
The tensile strength of 304 stainless steel tubes is 2 times that of steel tubes, 3~4 times of copper tubes and 8~10 times of plastic pipes. The strength of the material determines whether the pipe is firm and collision resistant, safe and reliable. And safe and reliable is the most important requirement of building water supply. In the case of external impact, the possibility of stainless steel pipe leakage is minimal, and copper pipe and plastic pipe leakage rate is relatively high, the pipeline is easily damaged by construction or two decoration. The main reason for the complaints about plastic pipes in major cities in China is water leakage. One of the main reasons for leakage is that the plastic water pipes can not withstand the external impact.
The working pressure of high-rise water supply system is generally greater than 0.6Mpa; the pressure requirement of the pipe is higher. Plastic pipe for water supply system working pressure is less than this value, not equal to two; composite pipe thermal expansion coefficient difference, such as adhesion is not strong or large temperature changes caused separation; pressure thin copper pipe up to 5.9Mpa; and the thin wall stainless steel pipe with excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high water pressure. Can reach more than 10Mpa, especially suitable for building water supply.
As a matter of fact, many world-famous high-rise buildings adopt stainless steel water main pipes. Communication tower such as Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is the world's fourth high communication tower, using 304 stainless steel pipe and the high-pressure Victaulic joint to 421 meters of the building water supply; built in 2004 of the Taipei financial center, 508 meters high, is the tallest building in the world, the water supply pipe comprises a main pipe is 318 meters in diameter and stainless steel pipe Victaulic Ferrule.
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